WOMEN AND CHILDREN'S SUPPORT RESOURCES (WCSR), a 501(c)3 tax-exempt foundation, provides books, posters, tapes and related materials on domestic violence and child abuse to women's shelters and other groups.

Victim assistance programs, such as women and children's shelters, need technical and educational resources to achieve their goals of helping battered women and children in crisis situations. Excellent materials to assist these programs are available from publishers and presses throughout the country. However, the shelters and groups that need these resources usually do not have sufficient funding to acquire them.

OUR SOLUTION: WCSR's Gift Certificate Program
Our gift certificate program is a clearinghouse function. It solves the problem by putting purchasing power directly into the hands of victim assistance programs and shelters, and letting them select from a wide range of available resources. WCSR performs this clearinghouse function by receiving funding from donors, and then producing and distributing gift certificates on their behalf to the shelters of their choice. Once the recipient indicates its choice of materials, WCSR then fills and ships the order to them. We contract with Volcano Press, Inc. to perform these services.

"I am very pleased to recommend the gift certificate program of the Women's and Children's Support Resources project to other state domestic violence and sexual assault coalitions."

North Dakota Council on Abused Women's Services
Coalition Against Sexual Assault in North Dakota

The donor can be government agencies, domestic violence coalitions, service groups, foundations, corporations, bequests, and individuals. The donation is tax-exempt. Click here to view testimonials from a few of our donors.

You provide the funding for the program, and select the recipient(s) and the dollar amount of each gift certificate. You provide WCSR with the names and addresses of your choice(s). We will then send the gift certificates in your name to your designated recipient, including catalogs and website ordering information. Once we receive their order, it will be promptly filled. 100% of your donation goes directly to the shelter or organization of your choice. Click here for a more detailed description of WCSR's Gift Certificate Program.